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With just one call takes your orders of fruit and vegetables. We are supplier of many bars and restaurants. See terms of service .

They also handed out to individuals and businesses that need small amounts. Check the minimum order.

Free parking for customers

Forget unnecessary delays. You have free parking located in Atocha Street for your do your shopping with total tranquility.

All the advantages of a traditional market of Madrid but with the latest trends availables.

15 Septiembre 2017

Degustación Gratuita Manzanas Fuji Bluewhale Premium

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Frutas y Verduras

More than 150 different products!

We have a variety of fruits, vegetables, fungi, mushrooms, tubers, roots, packaged products fourth range and frozen.

Frutas y Verduras

Personalized service for customer!

We have 15 years offering a friendly and close to our customers and are proud of the trust they have in us.

Frutas y Verduras

Specialists exotic fruits!

We specialize in tropical fruits, if you find some variety you get what you need in 24 hours without recharge.